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keiran bReaden


  • Level 3 personal training certification

  • Progression & regression exercise

  • Sport & exercise psychology BSc OU module 

For more info:

Tel: 07800892980


Hi My name is Keiran, I am a qualified Personal Trainer with NASM. Have you ever struggled to get results or maintain consistency is your training? I’ve been there! I am here to help you! 

We will 
- Develop your gym confidence
- Create a Gym program personal to you & your goals.
- Improve physical & mental well being 
- Have fun & enjoy the process

I have always been passionate about sport & fitness. I currently work with F1 human Performance coach Bradley Scanes, to not only improve my own training but to be mentored and learn from an elite level coach.

Whilst also studying a degree in BSc Sport & Fitness to increase my knowledge and continue my professional development. Which you can benefit from!

Specialist areas:
Gym confidence 
Weight loss & Building strength 
Sport specific Training 

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