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• Level 3 Personal Training
• Level 3 extended diploma in sport and exercise science:
• Level 3 Applied Nutrition


Tel: 07305928703
Insta: @fittwithfrancoaching

fran fry

Hi I’m Fran, I help individuals to create body confidence towards their goal physique.
I look to help individuals to learn how to lift whilst building confidence in the gym and within to become the best versions of themselves, through face to face in person sessions, Online Coaching and Nutritional guidance.
Together we will work towards creating healthy habits and lifestyle changes, that will help you make sustainable changes. By learning and gaining confidence in a gym environment and taking you closer to those end results and your goals.
I care for you whilst working to these goals, whether you are looking to learn how to lift, transform your body, gain strength and muscle mass, performance specific goals or creating a healthier lifestyle.
What can you expect from me -
• A personalised plan tailored to your training goals to help you succeed.
• Gain Confidence in an independent gym environment, a safe space created by our friendly team.
• Nutritional guidance and meal plans where needed.
• Weekly check ins to keep you on track to succeed, allowing us to work together throughout the whole process to reach your full potential.
• Learn correct form and how to carry out a range of exercises, through in person sessions and video check ins.
• Create a genuine relationship with me, where I will care and understand all the hard things we deal with on a day-to-day basis. Your wellbeing and mental health is a key factor of my Coaching, how you feel matters.  I will help you to create healthy habits to make everyday life better. I have and still go through these struggles myself.
Specialist areas:
• Body Recomposition (Weight loss, muscle gain)
• Strength & Conditioning
• Nutritional guidance
• Functional training
• Rehabilitation and injury prevention
• Sports specific training

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