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sam newlove


Level 3 Personal Training
Level 3 Diploma in Sports Performance & Excellence
Level 2 Fitness Instructor
BSc in Sports Coaching


Tel: 07972304626
Instagram: @samnewlove

Hey, I’m Sam,


A professional online coach and personal trainer with a decade of personal experience and multiple years dedicated to guiding clients in achieving their physique goals.


My specialisation lies in helping both men and women build muscle, shed body fat, elevate their mindset, and cultivate life-changing habits. I’ve successfully worked with complete beginners all the way to competitive bodybuilders to achieve their goals, so no matter your goal or how experienced you are, I can help you. 

What sets my coaching apart is the emphasis on building life-changing habits, establishing routines AND developing a resilient mindset alongside the foundational training and nutritional components. I believe a combination of all of these factors leads to the best possible results, not just inside the gym, but also outside in your relationships, career and overall life. 



What you can expect from me:

- No Judgment 

- A fun, yet challenging space to gain confidence & progress towards your goals

- Personalised training programmes

- Nutritional Guidance and Meal Plans 

- Supplementation Guidance

- Continual updates to your plans

- Learn how to correctly perform exercises & get the most out of your training

- In-depth weekly video check-in’s to keep you on track

- Access to my coaching app


- Continual motivation, guidance & support through in person sessions & online communication

- A genuine care for you; I aim to create lasting relationships with every client I work with, where I not only support you through your training & nutrition, but also through all of life’s struggles that we deal with on a daily basis

Specialist areas:

-Physique Transformations (male & female)
-Nutritional Guidance
-Mindset Elevation
-Habit Development
-Training Execution
-Bodybuilding Competition Preps (male & female)
-Photoshoot Preps (male & female)

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