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• RSPH Registered Nutrition Specialist

• Level 3 Personal Training Certification

• Level 3 Exercise Referral

For more info:

Tel: 07766307539

Insta: @justdrewityoga



Hi, my name is Drew.


From beginners to not-so beginners, I provide support to all individuals interested in assistance with personal training, online coaching, personalised strength and conditioning programming and nutrition.

I care immensely about my clients progress, whether that is weight management, performance focus or balancing a healthy life. I appreciate that so some extent this can prove a struggle and it is my goal to provide you the support where you need it.

What can you expect from me -

• You can expect a plan to help you toward ever evolving short/mid/long term goals.

• Gain Confidence in the gym environment

• Full training programme and nutrition plan where needed.

• Form checks for any exercises either in person or in the form of checkins.

• A friendly face that genuinely cares and gone through struggles just like everyone else.

Specialist areas;

• Knee and lower back rehabilitation and injury prevention

• Strength & Conditioning programming

• Nutrition for weight management/sport

• Functional training specialist

• Posture correction focussed training.

• Weightlifting and yoga

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