lottie taylor



Level 3 Personal training

EIQ Nutrition

Pre & Post natal

For more info:

Phone number: 07895267252

Instagram: lo_ttie

Website: www.ltpt.org

Email: lottietaylor21@gmail.com

Hi my name's Lottie and I help beginner and intermediate lifters to lift perfectly.

I have been working as a Personal Trainer since 2018, always with the primary goal to

teach people to move and perform as well as they can, so that they can train well, with confidence.

As well as face-to-face PT I also work as an Online Coach. I have my EIQ nutrition certification, and my pre and postnatal qualifications. 


For beginners, you can expect to:

  • Learn correct technique for all exercises

  • Be confident in the gym so you can complete programmed sessions alone

  • Build a solid foundation of strength, fitness, and muscle

  • Receive guidance on nutrition

For intermediates, you can expect:

  • Tweaks and modifications to optimise your form 

  • Structured training and accountability through professional programming 

  • External support and guidance 

  • Progression with your training